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My Therapies


Mommy says that I had my first therapeutic session when I was very little: I had physiotherapy when I was only three months old. I couldn’t lift my head and didn’t want to lie on my belly. But I think it is awfully important to lie on the belly. Well, anyway ... we would go to the physiotherapist three times a week and she did lots of exercises with me. Oh man, that made me really tired and I didn’t want to do anything in the first place. Mommy always tried to make me do something and she used all sorts of jokes and really funny things. But I still didn’t want to do anything. “More haste, less speed“, that’s what I always say. Well, some day I decided it was time for me to do some rolling. You should have heard my Mommy squealing with joy! And just for her, I did some more rolling after that.

Hm, Mommy calls it “therapy”, but I say that it’s just a few hours during which I need to do really awfully tiring and difficult things. Oh, well, not always. Many times I have a lot of fun. Especially when I get lots of compliments. That’s the best!
One could say that I am a therapy pro and that Mommy is my therapy manager. She knows when and where I have therapy and she knows who will be working with me on what. And because she knows all of this, she has written it down so you have an idea of what I am doing in therapy:
since July 2003 Physiotherapy:
helps coordination, sitting upright, it strengthens the whole muscular system and movement of joints
Successes: Thanks to the intensive and regular physiotherapy, Noah first learned to lift and hold his head, roll around at about one year of age, and at age 1 ¾, he could sit all by himself. Noah has learned how to use his wheelchair and how to get out of it. We are still working on his ability to sit up and be stable, always hoping that we will be able to see Noah stand up, draw himself up with the help of his “wheely” or even to see him walk.
since 2004 Speech therapy:
at first to learn to chew and swallow, then to further develop Noah’s mouth motor functions (important for the ability to speak) and mouth closure (lip tension), since 2005 first steps towards signs
Successes: Noah had only been able to eat fluids for a very long time; but now he can eat everything ;-) Noah has been using signs since the beginning of 2006.
since June 2005 Occupational therapy:        
therapie1.JPGto further develop gross and fine motor skills (e.g. grasping things with thumb and index finger, building towers, pointing), further tactile perception with regard to existing hypersensitivity (tolerating contact at the feet and mouth) and cognitive abilities (e.g. colour recognition, dialogic play)
Successes: Noah is very sensitive to touch at his hands, mouth and feet; this was very obvious in terms of “food”: Noah rejected some foods because of the texture -> today Noah eats everything and is “hardened” in such a way that he can even use his electric toothbrush. Noah is a master builder: no matter what he gets his hands on, it will end up being part of his towers.
in summer 2006 Hippotherapy:
therapeutic riding to improve his body awareness and to support musculature. Noah had a lot of fun interacting with a horse. Unfortunately, we were unable to continue with the therapy due to the long journey as we don’t have a car.
Successes: It was Noah’s first therapy during which I was not his in immediate proximity but rather a few meters away, watching. It was a great step towards autonomy and self-confidence.
since March 2007 Audiological early intervention:
Learn more signs (according to LBG Lautsprachbegleitende Gebärden, signs accompanying spoken language).
Successes: Noah already knows about 50 signs! Sometimes I teach him new ones, but it’s also possible that he invents new signs that I learn from him. Due to the deficits in his fine motor skills, he cannot do all the signs and so we adjust them according to his ability and note down the changes in our sign file.
since September 2007 Dog therapy:    
therapie2.JPG therapie3.JPG
That’s me in my NF-Walker with my therapy dog Filou
To stimulate social behaviour (establishing contact, sharing), communication, improvement of the tonus regulation (distribution of strength when petting the dog).
Successes: since the dog therapy, Noah treats our dog Lilly more gently and the treats don’t exclusively end up in his mouth, but are dutifully shared ;-)
since September 2008: music therapy
to stimulate active social participation and as a non-verbal way of expression.
Successes: Noah likes to drum and during music therapy, he’s an active and well-integrated member of the group.
Apart from the therapies, I also have so-called aids, that help me e.g. stand or hear. I’ll show you a few of these “tools“ under the navigation point “tools“. Take a look!



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