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Dolphin Therapie

Dolphin therapy is an integrative treatment, i.e. a combination of therapy (which usually means speech therapy, physiotherapy, etc.) and interaction with dolphins in the water. The therapy is personalised according to the needs of the handicapped child.
good-job.jpgMany experiential reports document the success of dolphin-based therapy. These are mainly personal reports by parents, telling of many small miracles and progress their children have experienced. It is those reports that have made me think that Noah would profit from therapy with dolphins.
Our former occupational therapist told me about the CDTC (Curacao Dolphin Therapy Centre) with great enthusiasm. This enthusiasm stemmed from the time she spent there during her internship. She said she could imagine Noah swimming with the dolphins “in a few years time, when he is a bit older”.
Well, “in a few years time” is today, and so I have booked a place for Noah for next year (summer 2010) in the Dolphin Therapy Centre. 
Over the course of two weeks, we will have 10 days of therapy with 2 hours of swimming with the dolphins every day. The therapy objectives are set individually (improving cognitive abilities, speech initiation, self-confidence, etc.). Noah’s therapeutic objectives will include the speech faculty and the ability to speak, and loosening his cerebral-based movement disorder.
Unfortunately, the therapy fees are not covered by our health insurance and I can’t procure the amount of $7,350 (plus flight and accommodation) all on my own.
This is why I am asking for your support in this way, so that Noah can fly to the dolphins for the first time.
For more information about dolphin therapy at the CDTC, click on the following link:


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