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Hi! Welcome to my website. It’s great you've found it.


I am Noah. I am six years old, and I live in Munich with my Mommy.


I have a really huge wish and maybe you can help make it come true:


I want to swim with the dolphins!


Dolphins live in the water. And whenever I can be in the water, I feel as happy as can be – just like the dolphins! Well, of course, I do not live in the water, but I can move easily in water and feel as light as a feather. When I'm not in the water – and that’s most of the time – I am dashing around in my wheelchair.

Mommy says I'm really good at that. But she just doesn’t know how hard it really is. And I can’t really tell her, because the words just don’t want to leave my lips. I don’t know why. But I can use my hands to sign a few things  that are really super important to me: cookies, the subway, a train, Lilly (my dog), TV, music – that sort of thing. I have taught Mommy those signs – or gestures as they are also called – and now she understands them quite well. Most of the time she knows what I want.


But swimming with the dolphins is really something completely different. Mommy says that they – the dolphins – can help me to move just as well as on land as I can in the water. This way, some day I may even be able to walk! The dolphins can also help me to learn to say what I'm thinking. Maybe it's like finding the key to the treasure chest where all my abilities are locked in.


It would be so great to open my treasure chest! I am often sad and a bit angry when no-one understands me. And although I love watching the other kids playing, sometimes I just want to be able to run and play with them too.


Mommy has booked a place for us for dolphin therapy in Curacao next year. This therapy costs a lot of money – Mommy says as much as a trillion billion pieces of chocolate! And even if I never ever ate chocolate again – that would be absolutely impossible anyway because I love chocolate so much - so that we could save up that money, we would never get enough. That’s why we are looking for really nice people like you, who will help us to get the money together.


If you could help me with this, it would make me really, really happy. Mommy says every donation is great, even if it is just a really small one (small? Maybe like the size of a piece of chocolate?)!


Thank you for reading about my wish. If you want to you can tell other people about my site…



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